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Zebra Pleco L46

Currently one of the most talked about and sought after tropical fish on the market. It's stunning black and white colours are a must have for any aquarium. Here are some articles on the Zebra Plec L46, how to look after them and also reports of successful breeding projects in captivity.

Hypancistrus Zebra
By Isaac J. H. Insbrucker and Han Nijssen
The Sorrows of Stripes and Smudge: Confessions of a Zebra Owner
By Marina Carletti (Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Volume 42 Number 1, September 1993)
Zebra Plecos: So Many Questions About These Little Fish
By Ginny Eckstein (Aquarium Fish Magazine, Volume 7, Number 12, September 1995)
New Information on the Zebra Pleco, Hypancistrus zebra
By Ingo Seidel (Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Volume 44, Number 5, January 1996)
Water Treatment

Fish Fur Feather sm2

The Spawning of the “Zebra Pleco” Hypancistrus zebra
By Kevin Korotev for the SPLASH, the official publication of the Milwaukee Aquarium Society, INC. Contributions from Carol Ann Nellen, South San Francisco, California and Jan Carpenter, Fremont, California. Photos by the author.
The Realities of Spawning Zebra Plecos
By Isaac J. H. Insbrucker and Han Nijssen
Sexual Dimorphism of the “Zebra Pleco” Hypancistrus zebra
(Illustration edited by Clay Trachtman, originally appeared at Pictures from: unless otherwise noted