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Bigger the Better

You should choose that largest aquarium which you have space for and that you can afford. There are specific reasons for this and most are linked to water quality. Smaller tanks are more difficult to maintain in a healthy state than larger ones. The problem with small tanks in that they cannot easily accommodate changing water conditions. Just as they can react quickly to heating and cooling, they also deteriorate in overall water quality far quicker than larger tanks. The minimum size for a first aquarium should be around 55 litres. (24 x 12 x 12in, 60 x 30 x 30cm) This tank also enable to you to keep a reasonable amount of fish for your first aquarium.

Juwel Trigon 190 Aquarium
Water Treatment

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Ready-Made Tanks

Buying a ready-made aquarium is ideal for a beginner. The tank will be supplied with the required equipment to the care of your fish. The power of all this equipment will be geared the volume of the tank and will meet the required safety standards. All you need to do is install the décor, fill the tank and plug it in.

Manufacturers have made great effort to improve the overall appearance of aquariums. You can now find a fully equipped tank that will fit in with any style of furnishing. Most tanks sold with base units and hoods are extremely well finished and can be a central piece of furniture in any room. Some of the top manufacturers are Juwel, BiOrb, Hagen and Rena.

Juwel Rio 125
Hagen Fluval Uno 800
Juwel Rio 125
Hagen Fluval Uno 800


Clear-Seal even make coffee table tanks

Clear-Seal Coffee Table Fish Tank

Here are some tanks which you can buy online from They will deliver them direct to you door.