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BiOrb manufactured by Reef One

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biOrb combines the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a 'hi-tech' aquarium.The 30 litre fish bowl incorporates a clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits to both fish and fish keeper. biOrb's stylish, globe shaped design will prove an eye-catching feature in any location. This together with its low maintenance and strong, safe construction will appeal to all age groups in both private and business sectors. The globe is manufactured from Plexiglas acrylic and because of its larger water capacity, biOrb provides fish with approximately ten times more space than a traditional bowl.
Water Treatment

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Filter System

The filter design utilises a unique systemised five-stage method combining biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

This significantly reduces maintenance whilst helping the water remain healthy and crystal clear for up to 8 weeks between simple filter cartridge changes.

Mechanical and chemical filtration is housed in the easy to change filter cartridge.

Unlike many traditional aquariums, ceramic media is used for effective biological filtration. Ceramic media provides a massive home for filter bacteria.

Please note that regular filter cartridge changes will increase the efficiency of the filter system.

biOrb Filter

Light Unit

The low voltage light unit illuminates the biOrb and it’s inhabitants, making the aquarium into even more of a feature. Designed as a easy-to-fit accessory, the light unit doesn’t impose on the biOrb’s attractive shape an incorporates a hole for easy fish feeding.

The white light simulates daylight, which assists with plant growth and brings out the true colours of the fish.

With the anti-glare shield removed (see instructions) the biOrb is transformed into a living table lamp.

Biorb With Light

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