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Tetra Heater

Tetra HeatersTropical fish require a stable temperature of around 24-27degC, in order to remain healthy and in good condition. The TetraTec range of heaters maintain a constant temperature via an in-built thermostat, making it easy to provide the correct conditions. They come with an easy-to-read temperature dial, and highly visible on/off light, so you know when your heater is operating. In addition, they are made of robust, heat-resistant glass in order to give you piece of mind.

TetraTec HT heaters contain an advanced nichrome heating element, which ensures longer life and an even distribution of heat throughout the aquarium.

Simply attach your TetraTec heater to the side of the aquarium, using the enclosed rubber suckers. The heater must be fully submerged. Then set the temperature dial to the desired setting, and turn on the power. The indicator light will illuminate when the heater is in operation. Always read the instructions carefully before use.

Water Treatment

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Tetra Fish tank heater is available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Tetra Heater 75W
Tetra Heater 100W
Tetra Heater 150W
Tetra Heater 200W
Tetra Heater 300W




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