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Rena Cal Heater

  Rena Cal
Rena Cal
Rena Cal
Rena Cal
Rena Cal
Rena Cal
Aquarium Vol 10-30 l 30-80 l 80-150 l 120-200 l 200-300 l > 300 l
Length 25cm 25cm 25cm 28.5cm 34.5cm 34.5cm
Tube Diameter 22.4mm 22.4mm 22.4mm 22.4mm 22.4mm 22.4mm

Easy to adjust and view temperature

  • Double reading of temperature (top and side) *

  • Double indicator light

This exclusive top light indicator has a high- tech fiber optic system which illuminates the control knob and makes it easy to view from all angles.

Water Treatment

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Precision and reliability

  • The aquarium temperature can be adjusted with precision from 20 to 32°C due to an adjustable knob in increment of 0.5°C

  • All heaters are calibrated in water at the factory to ensure accuracy of temperature

  • High Thermal Diffusion (HDT) : Heating transmitted directly to the glass tube for quicker, more efficient aquarium heating


  • The tube is composed of a 2 mm thick borosilicate glass, and is in compliance with all international safety standards

  • 500 - micron solid silver contact thermostat eliminates contact welding that causes overheating

Easy to install and discreet

The Rena Cal heater adapts to all aquarium types :

  • Unique cradle-shape holder *

  • Fully submersible

  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically

Decorative pattern on glass* helps to camouflage in the aquarium

For fresh and saltwater use.

*Rena Cal excel only

Rena Cal Heater

Rena Cal Fish tank heater is available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Rena Cal Heater 25W
Rena Cal Heater 50W
Rena Cal Heater 100W
Rena Cal Heater 150W
Rena Cal Heater 200W
Rena Cal Heater 300W




Rena Cal Heater Rena Cal 25W, Rena Cal 50W, Rena Cal 100W, Rena Cal 150W, Rena Cal 200W, Rena Cal 300W
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