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Tetra TabiMin Fish Food

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TabiMin fish food contains all the goodness of TetraMin in a tablet form, which rapidly sinks to the base of the tank to provide food for bottom feeders, such as loach and catfish. TabiMin fish food can also be fed whole, or broken into smaller pieces, for cichlids and larger fish.

Bottom feeding fish are not designed to come to the surface for food, and consequently may miss out at feeding time. TabiMin fish food provides a complete food for these fish, allowing them to feed naturally from the base of the aquarium.

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Tetra TabiMin Fish Food
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Tetra TabiMin Fish Food is available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Tetra TabiMin Fish Food (120 tablets)
Tetra TabiMin Fish Food (360 tablets)
Tetra TabiMin Fish Food (1040 tablets)



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