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TetraFin Goldfish Flake Food

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TetraFin was the first flake fish food to be developed specifically for the nutritional needs of goldfish, and today is still the most nutrionally advanced food of its kind. TetraFin fish food supplies goldfish with all of their nutritional needs, using only the highest quality ingredients and most advanced flaking technology, in a format that is easily digested, resulting in very little waste and maximum gain for your fish. Now with ActiveFormula for reducing stress and improving resistance.

Goldfish have specific nutritional needs that are not ideally met by tropical flakes. Therefore, Tetra has spent many years reserching and improving TetraFin, based on these specific needs. The result is a food that contains all of the nutritional requirements of goldfish, in a balanced and highly digestible format. TetraFin will keep your goldfish in top condition, ensuring excellent growth, colour and health, whilst at the same time keeping waste levels to a minimum.

TetraFin Goldfish Flake Food
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TetraFin Goldfish Flake Food is available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Goldfish Flake Food (13g)
Goldfish Flake Food (20g)
Goldfish Flake Food (52g)
Goldfish Flake Food (100g)
Goldfish Flake Food (200g)



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