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Tetra DoroMin Fish Food

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Larger tropical fish, such as cichlids and large barbs, find it harder to eat small flakes. Tetra DoroMin fish food is a stick food that contains all of the goodness of TetraMin, in a form that is easy for large fish to eat. The DoroMin fish food sticks soften on contact with the water, making them highly palatable, but do not fall apart like some inferior foods.

Tetra DoroMin fish food sticks are made using Tetra's advanced extrusion process, developed specifically for the feeding needs of fish. This method results in highly digestible and nutritious sticks, which float without the need for indigestible ballast, and which soften quickly on contact with the water. The result is less waste and better nutrition for your fish.

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Tetra DoroMin Fish Food
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Tetra DoroMin Fish Food is available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Tetra DoroMin Fish Food (30g)
Tetra DoroMin Fish Food (160g)
Tetra DoroMin Fish Food (320g)



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