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Fish Food


These range form fine powered foods for very young fish, through small flakes to large flakes for bigger fish. They range from high-protein diets for baby fish and growing fish to lower-protein flakes for adults, from vegetable-based formulations for herbivores, to animal based ones for carnivores and mixed ones for omnivores. In addition, there are conditioning flakes, colour-enhancing flakes and many other types.

Fish Food Flakes

Granules / Tablets / Sticks

These fish foods consist of compressed food made into various shapes. Some types float, while others sink slowly and others quickly, they can caterer for a wide variety of fish feeding habits.

Fish Food Pellets1Fish Food Pellets2
Fish Food Pellets3Fish Food Pellets4
Water Treatment

Fish Fur Feather sm2

Freeze-dried Foods

These are natural fish foods, which have been dehydrated. They retain all their nutritional value and can be kept for a lot longer than most other fish food. You can get various different types of freeze dried food: insect larvae/pupae, crustations, worms or other small creatures They come either loose for sprinkling on the water surface, or in small compressed blocks for sticking onto the sides of the aquarium. These fish foods should only be fed a few times a week, as they contain a high source of protein.

Freeze Dried 1
Freeze Dried 2
Freeze Dried 3

Frozen Foods

These are animal based foods are usually gamma-irradiated to render them disease free and they come in a wide range of single component and multiple component formulations, some include vegetable matter. These foods must be kept in a freezer at all times.

Live Foods

The range of live food is wide: microscopic rotifer and newly hatched brine shrimp to larger invertebrates, such as bloodworms, water fleas, and adult brine shrimp. They can all be kept for around a week if kept chilled in a fridge. Before feeding live food you should always rinse it using a fine sieve to minimize the risk of introducing disease. Feed your fish live food a couple of times a week as a treat.