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Aquariun® Goldfish Flakes & Pellets

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Made with 100% natural ingredients and containing natural colour enhancers, Aquariun® goldfish foods are a perfectly balanced diet that will keep your goldfish healthy and active. Aquariun® Goldfish Pellets are floating bite size pellets designed for larger goldfish. They are ideal for outdoor feeding, as they don't blow away.

This fish food is suitable for common and fancy forms of goldfish eg: moors, shubunkins, comets, veiltails, fantails. Also ideal for coldwater aquarium and pond fish, including small to medium koi, orfe, tench, bitterling and minnows.

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Aquariun Goldfish Flakes & Pellets
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Aquariun® Goldfish Flakes & Pellets fish food is available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Goldfish Flakes (13g)
Goldfish Flakes (25g)
Goldfish Flakes (50g)
Goldfish Flakes (200g)
Goldfish Pellets (50g)
Goldfish Pellets (200g)



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