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Hagen Fluval Underwater Filter 2 Plus

The Hagen Fluval Underwater Filter 2 Plus. Simple for a beginner to install, advanced enough for specialists. The Fluval 2 Plus is quiet, efficient, powerful and economical. The Foam inserts work as an effective mechanical media to remove debris from the aquarium. They also encourage beneficial bacteria which are important for proper biological balance in the aquarium.

• 400 Litres per hour
• Suitable for up to 60cm(24") aquariums
• 220 240 Volt, 5 Watt
• Clogging Indicator
• Horizontal Water outlet with 90 degrees directional flow
• Water Flow Adjuster
• Airflow control device included (venturi effect)
• Optimal water filtration system with larger filter volume
• Double filter with 2 foam pads for alternate replacement
• Space for optional Extra Fina Filter media and Special Carbon Filter media
Hagen Fluval Underwater Filter 2 Plus
Water Treatment

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