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Rena - Filstar iV 3

The Rena Filstar iV 3 makes optimum use of filtration media which lengtens time between cleaning of filtration media. The Rena Filstar iV 3 uses an efficient 3-step filtration process; mechanical filtration removing waste, biological filtration supporting bacteria that eliminate ammonia and nitrite, chemical filtration removing odours and water discoloration. The Rena Filstar iV 3 can be use for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

• 500 Litres per hour
• Suitable for 50 – 150 l aquariums
• Dim 70 x 195 x 150mm
• 7 Watt
• Venturi System
• Noise Suppressor
• Outflow Regulator
• Double Canister
• Adjustable Head and Suction Cups
• Media Chamber

Rena - Filstar iV 3
Water Treatment

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Unique and innovative venturi system.
Oxygenates water up to 14 cm below the surface.
Specially designed for the well-being of fish and plants.

Double canister: allows to take out the filtraton media without spilling water.
Adjustable head and suction cups : fit to any aquarium shape.
Adjustable outflow : easily accessible from the top.
Two-function noise suppressor : to eliminate noise and to regulate the airflow from the top.

Mechanical filtration : foam.
Biological filtration : Bio-Chem Stars® : unique material for the development of beneficial bacteria.
Chemical filtration : Activated carbon has a high absorbing capacity; phosphate free. Rena Carb, foam impregnated with activated carbon. Filtration media chamber designed to be filled with any chemical filtration media (Activated carbon...)



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