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Eheim Aquaball 2206

The characteristic spherical head of the new Eheim Aquaball 2206 internal filter makes it possible: with just the flick of a wrist, the desired direction of flow and the optimum angle of slope can be adjusted individually to influence the movement of the surface selectively. The Eheim Aquaball 2206 flow rate is set by the output regulator and the oxygen enrichment of the water can be dosed by the diffusor as required.

Eheim Aquaball 2206 for aquariums up to approx. 45 l / 10 / 11,9 US gal
• Filter volume 0,08 l / 0,02 / 0,02 US gal,
• Pump output approx. 380 l/h / 84 / 100 US gal/hr


Eheim Aquaball 2206
Water Treatment

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In the filter tanks, mechanical-biological water clarification is performed by special foam cartridges. In addition, Eheim Aquaball 2206 is fitted with an integrated filter box that contains a separate filter pad for mechanical fine purification.

The box can also be used for SUBSTRAT pro for intensive biological purification or with EHFIAKTIV for selective adsorbent water treatment.

Due to the modular design of the filter, Eheim Aquaball is available in four different versions with a regulated pump output and various filter volumes. All units are supplied with a practical clip fixture.


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