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Eheim 2229 Wet / Dry External Filter

The Eheim 2229 external filter over comes some of the problems associated with the traditional filters with the addition of features such as built in double taps, attached sealing ring, and easy to use taps. The breathing range of filters works like a trickle filter and is very efficient at removing ammonia and nitrite, recommended for heavily stocked or marine tanks. They come complete with all bits including filter media (substrat pro). Very good filters highly recommended.Eheim 2229 External Filter

Eheim 2229 External Filter Specification:

• for tank size up to 600l
• Pump output 1050l/h
• Filter circulation 550l/h
• Delivery head 2,00 m Ws
• Filter volume 7,3l
• Power consumption 25 W
• Dimentiones approx. mm 415 x 210 x 300

Water Treatment

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Eheim 2229 External Filter Features:

The EHEIM professionelwet/dry filters offer efficiency surpassing that of a trickle filter. The water movement within the filter is bi-directional allowing for extended contact time between bacteria colonies, oxygen and toxins, which are thus decomposed much more rapidly than in a traditional filter.

• Decomposition of ammonium - 73% faster, nitrite - -67% faster.
• Exchange of oxygen and CO2 is accomplished by means of displacement through the specially designed breathing tube.
• The water output pulsates as the filter fills and empties, achieving a wavelike action.

Eheim 2229 Decomposition of ammonium

Eheim 2229 Decomposition of Nitrite

Eheim 2229 External Filter - Suggested Filter Media

Filter media fulfil various functions. On the one hand, they hold back dirt particles and suspended floating matter and, on the other hand, they ensure the biological conversion of toxic waste or the chemical alteration of the water.

One differentiates between the following basic types of media: mechanical, biological, adsorptive and chemical. Ideal water conditions very much depend on the correct use of filter media.

EHEIM filter pads are used to separate the different filter media layers in standard filters.

EHEIM filter cartridges made of special foam materials provide a large filter surface. They can be changed in a few simple steps and after their "running in" time they not only function mechanically but also biologically. In addition there are also active carbon cartridges, which are excellently suited for adsorption.

EHFISYNTH filter pad for mechanically fine cleaning, especially for EHEIM professionel external and thermo filters.

Eheim 2229 Filter Media


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